Bloggers Award Nomination

Can you imagine my surprise and excitement when I opened the email that told me that this blog has been nominated for the Fifth Annual Bloggers Bash Awards in the category of Best Book Blog? I was really shocked and couldn’t believe it that a reader saw enough merit in my new book blog, to nominate me for this award. Whoever you are, I thank you very much. You have made me a very happy blogger.

As a blogger, I write and post articles, always wondering if anyone will ever read them. I love it when there are comments on an article or review and we can have a conversation. This nomination has shown me that there are people reading my articles and reviews, and gives me encouragement to keep doing ‘this blogging thing’ that I love.

What is theΒ  Blogger’s Bash Award?

The Bloggers Bash Award is open for anyone who blogs. Bloggers and readers of blogs can nominate their favourite blog and/or vote for them, with the awards being presented in London on 15 June 2019.

Annual Bloggers Bash Awards

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