Books read in January

Goodreads tells me that I’ve read 9 books in January. To many, that probably doesn’t sound like many books read in a whole month. but it’s about average for me. Working, writing reviews, blogging on three blogs, along with everything else in my life doesn’t leave a huge amount of time for reading. I dream of the time in the future, when I’m retired, and have more time to devote to reading.

Audio Books

Four books on the January list are audio books. It’s my opinion that it’s appropriate to include audio books as ‘books read’.

  • The White Earth by Andrew McGahan
  • The Great Alone by Kristin Hannah
  • Tapestry by Fiona McIntosh
  • Talking To My Country by Stan Grant

I would very much prefer to read a paper book over listening to an audio book. However, audio books are what save me from boredom on my long drive to work and home. My drive to work is 45 minutes both ways, so that gives me 90 joyful minutes of audio books listening every day.

2020 Aussie Author Challenge

I am participating in the #2020aussieauthor challenge and have committed to reading 12 Books written by Aussie authors in 2020. Four of those authors are to be female.

Of the books listed by Goodreads that I’ve read in January, five were written by Aussie authors.

  • The White Earth by Andrew McGahan
  • MacQuarie by Grantlee Kieza
  • The Good Cop by Justine Ford
  • Forgotten by Nicole Trope
  •  Tapestry by Fiona McIntosh

The number of books written by Australian authors that I’ve read in January, has me thinking that perhaps I should have aimed for a higher number. May have to rethink that.

How many books did you read in January? Have you read any of the books in my list? I love it when we have a conversation and promise to reply to all comments left.

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