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Quick by Steve Worland
Audiobook read by Sean Mangan



Melbourne, Australia: Round One of the Formula One World Championship. Billy Hotchkiss no longer races a v* Supercar, but that doesn’t mean he’s lost the need for speed. When the young cop uncovers a diamond heist in progress, he leaps into action and almost captures the thieves.

Lyon, France: Interpol are convinced the thieves are connected to Formula One. And they think this Australia ex race driver is just the guy to stop them.

Sent undercover with an unwilling French partner, Billy is thrust into the glamorous world of international motor racing as the diamond heists continue. But as Billy closes in on the thieves, a far more sinister threat is revealed.

With the fate of a city, and the lives of half a million people in the balance, Billy will need to drive like never before to stop the worst act of terror since 9/11 – blurb

My Thoughts

Definitely, fast paced and action packed, this novel took me on a roller coaster ride. I was exhausting reading about the exploits of the main character, Billy. I found myself immersed and wanting to know more about the fast paced world of big money, fast cars and Formula 1. A great action ‘boys own’ type adventure, which is an easy, fast read, with lots of comedy.  I enjoyed the characters and their banter also.

The lower star rating is due to action, adventure not being my genre of choice. Fans of these type of books may give a higher rating.


“Hands down, one of the best action adventure novels, I’ve ever read” – Steve Waugh

Star Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️💫

About the Author

Steve Worland

Steve Worland has worked extensively in film and television in Australia and the USA. He has written scripts for Working Title and Icon Productions, worked in script development for James Cameron’s Lightstorm and wrote Fox Searchlight’s Bootmen, which won five Australian Film Institute awards.

Steve also wrote the action-comedy telemovie Hard Knox, the bible and episodes of the television series Big Sky and the Saturn award-winning Farscape. The family film Paper Planes, which he co-wrote, will be released worldwide in 2015. His novelisation of the screenplay will be released at the same time.

He is the author of the action-adventure novels Velocity, Combustion and Quick and is currently writing his fourth book.

Published 2014 by Michael Joseph: Penguin Australia
Audiobook 11 hours 47minutes

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