Blogging April A to Z Reflections Post

The BLOGGING APRIL A-Z has now finished. I decided to take a few days to think about this year’s challenge, before publishing my reflections post. As usual, I loved the challenge, even though it does make for a busy month. This year was my sixth year participating, but not all were on this blog.. Including 2020, I have participated twice on this blog, and three times on my blog, Tracking Down The Family and twice on my other blog, Next Phase In Fitness & Life The reason the numbers don’t add up is that in 2017, I participated on two blogs in the one year.

What I Am Happy About

I had made a long term plan and had read all books by January

By the time the challenge website opened, I had written rough drafts for most posts

Almost all posts were written and ready to go before the challenge started, even though there was usually a final edit needed.

I visited many great blogs on a huge variety of topics and themes

There were many comments made on my blog and there were comments from bloggers other than book bloggers.

I loved that bloggers told me about their favourite books.

A relationship developed with a few bloggers that I hope will continue


Star Rating on books reviewed:  5 Star – three books, 4.5 star – six books,  4 star – nine books, 3.5 star – 7 books, 3 star – one book . My star rating is based on enjoyment, not literary merit, so, happily, most of the books I reviewed were enjoyable to read

My favourite book reviewed was Alias Grace by Margaret Atwood.

Ten books reviewed were written by Aussie authors

Multiple books written by one author: There were two books written by Stephen King and two books written by Dervla McTiernan. Two books were written by James Patterson, but they were co-authored by different authors.

Eighteen books were fiction and eight were non-fiction

Twelve books were written by female authors, with sixteen written by males. One of James Patterson’s books was co-authored by a female author.

The Challenges

The posts that weren’t written by the start of the challenge were left until the last minute. Those posts were for W X Y Z

We had no phone or internet and patchy mobile service, for the first two weeks of April

As usual, the time I had to read, comment and reply to posts was limited. I intend to do more of this over the next two weeks.

Challenge Future

All being well in my life, I will be back for A to Z in 2021. I have decided that next year I will participate in the challenge on Tracking Down The Family, my family history blog. Just for a change, I don’t need to spend a whole year trying to come up with a theme for 2021 as I already have settled on one. But that’s a story for another day…..

A-Z Challenge 2020 List of books reviewed 

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3 thoughts on “Blogging April A to Z Reflections Post

  1. I’m still making my way through the A to Z bloggers list! I wasn’t as well prepared as you, but intend to be next year.

    I really like this wrapup. It’s great how you can meet other bloggers who come to your place but also to find them in theirs. Looking forward to reading more here! I just subscribed.


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