Welcome to my Best Bookish Blog. This is a place for readers and lovers of books to come and immerse yourself in book reviews and all things bookish.

I have read all books that are reviewed and all reviews are my own work. All genres will be covered, however there will be less of sci-fi and fantasy, as these are not my preference. For the sake of being inclusive, I do plan to add them to my reading list.

Reviews will be of the latest books, as well as those published in the past, both recent and distant. To ensure that you don’t miss out on the latest reviews, please enter your email address in the side bar for immediate notifications of new posts. I would love us to have a conversation about what you are reading or about my review, so do please comment on the posts. I promise to reply to all comments. I look forward to us getting to know each other through books and reading.

My star rating is the rating I give based on either my enjoyment of the book or the affect it has had on my life or thinking. The star rating on this blog is not based on literary merit as I don’t feel qualified to give that type of rating.

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