My Top 5 Stephen King books

I first discovered Stephen King when The Shining was published in 1977. I can remember clearly, being home alone with it late at night and being too scared to move off the chair. I was hooked on King from then on.

I would wait impatiently for each book to be published. Fortunately Stephen King is a very prolific author and the wait was usually not too long.

I really loved the books published up until about the year 2000. After that I found for some reason that I wasn’t enjoying his books as much as in the past.

I put that down more to me, and what was going on in my own life, rather than to the author.

Recently, I have read King’s two latest releases and found that I was taken back to those early days of really loving his books and writing. I have rediscovered one of my favourite authors, and what joy that is.

I have now decided to re-read those books that I didn’t enjoy. Perhaps time will have changed my outlook.

The reason I mention this is to explain my top five books from King, which are all from the early years. They are listed below in no particular order. These books, I have read multiple times. They have stayed with me for decades.

Are you a Stephen King fan? If so what is your favourite book? I love it when you comment and promise to reply to all.