Theme Reveal – #atozchallenge

April A-Z Challenge

One of the highlights in the blogging year for me, is the April A-Z Challenge. I have participated every year since 2015 on each of my three blogs. One year, I even took the challenge full on and participated on two blogs. This was a huge committment and I really didn’t enjoy it that year, as I was constantly under pressure, for the entire month. But every other year, I have loved this challenge and found so many positives in being involved.

The 2020 April A-Z Challenge is now almost here. Starting on April 1, the challenge is to publish a post every day in April, except for Sundays. That makes 26 day, so one day for each letter of the alphabet. April 1 is A, and so on through the month to Z.

Using this premise, you would start beginning April 1, with a topic on something with the letter A, then on April 2, another topic with the letter B, and so on until you finish on April 30, with a topic based on letter Z. The theme for each day is the scheduled letter for the day.

This challenge started in 2010, when it was first presented to bloggers, who didn’t hesitate to get on board. The number of bloggers participating every year has grown and is now huge. Also huge, are the variety of blogs and blog topics.

Theme Reveal 2020

Most bloggers choose a theme for the A-Z Challenge, but it’s not necessary. Today, there is much excitement amongst the participating bloggers, as today is ‘Theme Reveal Day.’

My theme is Book Reviews. Each day in April, I will post a new book review from A-Z. Books reviewed will be all genres. My only stipulation is that they are books that I have read. My policy is that I don’t review books that I have not read.

I am very much looking  forward to reading about the themes that have been chosen by other bloggers. This is part of the fun of the A-Z Challenge.

I would love you to join me. To keep up with the latest book reviews, please pop your email address in the box on the sidebar. This will ensure you are notified of updates.

Blogging from A to Z April Challenge:

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37 thoughts on “Theme Reveal – #atozchallenge

  1. Wow, you sure are detailed about the A-Z blog challenge. I always thought it would be a waste of time to explain it all since most people who read my reveal or posts in April are participants of the challenge!

    Well, I always have a book attached to me, and the joke is that I could read before I could talk. I’ll enjoy reading your posts.



  2. Happy A to Z! Wow – Book reviews covering some pretty rough letters. I will be excited to see which books you cover.


  3. Hi Carrie Sorry it has taken so long to answer your question. For some reason it went to spam and I just found it. My reviews in the a to z challenge are for books that I’ve read. Not reposting reviews. I keep some reviews back during the year for the A to Z. But I do write them immediately I’ve read the book. Would check out your blog. Always keen to connect with other reviewers.


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